Thursday, April 24, 2008


Javiers's used to be in Laguna Beach. I had heard of it but never visited. My husband doesn't really like Mexican food, so it's just not something we seek out. Which is fine really, because although I love it, I really don't want to be 30 lbs overweight, so eating it only occasionally is best.

So, we walk in on a Sunday afternoon. It was PACKED.  They have an enormous waiting area, and it was still packed. These pics were just section shots of the bar, then then the "outside" bar area. Not an empty seat anywhere, and the overflow was in the hall, the bar, and outside. It was a beautiful day- about 78 degrees- so no big. Our wait was around 45 min. 

And it's funny, because this was THE most typical "Orange County~ Newport" place you could ever go to... everyone was all Botoxed up and had fish lips and fake boobs. Super plastic. Bleached hair (not that there's anything wrong with bleached hair, ah em...) and it is always just comical to me. I like to laugh at these people. I mean, I live here, so I see it often, but it's still funny. Designer bags and short skirts on women that weight 98 lbs and who are constantly applying lip gloss. Made me wonder what the hell it was exactly that they are eating there? Because I really didn't see too much on the menu that was light, if you know what I mean. 

So here is part of one of their dining rooms (below). The place is gigantic.

This drink was really good. But I have no idea what it was. I saw someone else drinking it and was drawn to the pink color so Alberto brought me one. I asked him a few times what was IN it, but we couldn't understand a word he was saying, so I never did find out exactly what it was. Argh. 

My shot of this- the Carnitas- wasn't good. Sorry. I know better, there is no excuse. It tasted amazing though! 

Mexican white shrimp sauteed in garlic butter. I still get dizzy thinking about it. So freaking good! 

This is just a ceiling shot to share with everyone the GINORMOUS fans on the ceiling. Is it just me, or are those like the biggest ceiling fans you've ever seen? 

SO...... we'll definitely be going back. So I may end up 30 lbs overweight after all. I definitely see why the place was so crowded. It's a really cool place, and the food is amazing. Expensive - the most expensive Mexican place I've ever seen - but someone has to pay the bill to keep those fans going.