Thursday, February 14, 2008


Birthday dinner, Feb 7th.

I'm late posting this... but I'll try and recap best I can.

This was a fabulous restaurant - Providence. It's in the old Patina location. It was a birthday surprise, and I was in a Limo, so I don't know the address- Beverly Hills, possibly Hollywood? I'll post the exact location later.

A yummy "amusement." :)

The bar.

The room.

Truffles anyone!? This risotto appetizer was LOADED with the decadent black slivers!

This was Theo's lobster ravioli.

The entrees arrive - lobster poached in butter. It was, well, lobster poached in butter. It was good!

Theo had the duck breast. He said it was nothing special. That turnip on the plate though, that was fabulous! It was stuffed with mushrooms. OOoooooo!!!!!!!!!!! It was unique and different, and it was really, really good.