Saturday, October 4, 2008


Yesterday I was talking with my mom on the phone, and she mentions that she has a surplus of tomatoes from the garden on her counter and they were getting soft and she didn't know what to do with them. Of course I said, Roast them! 

After talking about it with her, it really made me crave some roasted tomato soup myself, but I had no fresh tomatoes, and the baby was taking a nap, so I couldn't go to the store. Then I wondered, hmm ... how would canned tomatoes turn out?  It's worth a try?

Oh what the heck, add the juice too! I love the syrupy juice after roasting tomatoes :)

Hmmm. I shouldn't have added the juice. It burned. No big deal really, the dark portions are easily removed from the parchment paper. The tomatoes though turned out really well! 

Just to compare, when the baby woke up we went to the grocery and bought a few pounds of over ripe heirlooms and came home to roast them (btw, I prefer 375 for about an hour or until brown and collapsed ... the higher temps often burn the juice, see above pics, argh!) And with this roast, I also added onion and garlic because those are also yummy roasted!

The verdict - the fresh were better, only because they had their skins to hold more of the syrupy juice in, but really, they were both fantastic.

And then there was soup. Ahhhh.......