Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So, I had a piece of salmon. But I know Theo is probably getting tired of salmon because we eat it once a week now and I always fix it the same way - plain, pan sauteed with a crispy crust a squirt of lemon and then some fresh greens - so I wanted to make it more hearty than the typical dinner that we normally have. Oh, speaking of vegetables, all I had was eggplant. Well, eggplant and celery and we all know the celery doesn't really qualify as a side dish leading role. Salmon and eggplant. Hmmm. Hey, how about I sautee the eggplant with some tomato, add a pinch of oregano, and toss with the salmon over spaghetti? A touch of truffle oil would be nice too? Oh, and a few shreds of cheese. But since parm regg always gets the gig when it coms to pasta - how about guyere this time instead.

And so a pasta dish was born.

The appetizer...

Vegetables cooked...

Salmon is getting it's crust...

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

No, dogs can't have salmon. I'm sorry Lulu. You can have a noodle, is that OK?

Ahhhh..... done! And, it was really good. I overcooked the noodles a tad, but I was too lazy and hungry to recook them, but it was still edible. I think a few olives in this would have also been outstanding!