Friday, February 8, 2008


This is one of the best places to see celebrities in Hollywood, but is the food really that good? Yes, it is! And the service is wonderful too. Don't expect a snob wait staff, because they don't work here; only professionals who treat you good no matter who you are. I like to eat here as often as I can, just because it's fun and the food rocks, but making it up to Beverly Hills from Orange County for lunch isn't really easy, so I save it for special occasions like birthdays or a place to take friends from out of town. Every once in a while we'll hit it on a weekend, but weekdays are really the best time to go. We went last week, for my birthday. We arrived late, so the place was pretty vacant, but we still saw Lionel Richie and Gene Simmons.

OK, so, this is "the door" - the door everyone wants to be facing because it's the door all the people (aka celebrities) walk in and out of. The courtyard is pretty open, as seen above, but it also has some hidden booths - so you may not know Michael Douglas or Kanye West is even there, until they walk out through this door.

But enough about the celebrities. Lets talk about... umm.... THE FOOD. Their menu has some constants, but you can usually always find something new as well - seasonal foods or special occasion dishes.

This was my citrus poached salmon. Isn't it beautiful. And it was just melt in your mouth yummy!

This was Theo's steak tartare. Made table side. I don't "do" tartare, but he said it was really good. It sure looked pretty.