Thursday, September 25, 2008


Paris -- May, 2006. We had been out roaming the town and stopped for a snack (and of course also had to have a glass of champagne). Yes, those are snails. Fresh escargot with garlic butter and baguette bread. Talk about a classic.   

We also had this terrine, and some pate. Mmmmmmmmm! 

This was the impressive seafood tower at la Coupole

This dog isn't selling any food - but he sure is cute. :)

I was the dorky tourist who was taking pictures of all the food through the glass cases ... but so what. I knew I would enjoy going back and looking at all these goodies!

And the way they present the food is artistic . 

Fresh Fruit~

A fantastic wine shop just down the street from our apartment.

Fresh poultry~

Wish I had a butcher like this on MY street.

And of course there is the bread!

And plenty of sweets~

I love all these little fun items you can get also- like these little pastries with cheese and fresh vegetables, like onion and tomato.  This is Paris' fast food.

Paris, at dusk. I hardly have any night pictures because when we were there in May, darkness didn't fall until probably close to 11pm!  

This was the most to-die-for restaurant! L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

My pictures were dark, but I was using the camera without flash as to not disturb the other diners. The experience is unique. They seat everyone at the same time, around a bar, and then the kitchen and wait staff are in the center.  The staff is over the top friendly and the food is just fantastic in this modern, chic Paris restaurant. Reservations are hard to get on short notice, however their first seating is at 7 or 8pm and that is for walk-ins only. So get there in plenty of time and wait until they open. It's worth it! 

Peeking into the kitchen from our spot at the bar (the kitchen is at the center of the bar so that everyone can watch the food being prepared).

Our waiter. He made our dinner extra entertaining!