Saturday, July 26, 2008


Gulp. $60 for 2 steaks. I hope they're good. They are Porterhouse steaks, how bad can they be, but $30 each?? Seriously?? Tell me they're going to be good, because I feel faint. 

Sure, I've had Prime Beef before, many times. In restaurants. But I don't buy it for home cooking. I'm too cheap.  

Places will find all kinds of clever ways to throw the word PRIME into their description of their beef. But, Prime is Prime ... there is no "kinda prime" or "sorta prime" or "like prime" or "same as prime." Prime is Prime.  And while we're at it, on the higher scale, beware of the whole Kobe craze. Kobe beef is Kobe beef. Kobe "style" beef is not Kobe beef. Only Kobe beef is Kobe beef. P.E.R.I.O.D. 

So, with that off my chest -- here is my Friday night purchase from the only butcher shop in Coastal Orange County. 

I've grilled a lot of stuff, but never have I had anything flare like these steaks. Obviously all that fat just makes for the perfect fuel :)

With homemade scalloped potatoes - Delish! Was it worth $30?  I suppose. A bargain really, if compared to you'd pay for this baby in a restaurant ($80 or $100). But for eating outside on the patio at home... I just think it's overkill. I mean, it was delicious and tender and all that, but I'd have been just as happy with a few Costco steaks. JMHO. 

For baby we got a small filet -- 1/2" thick little slice of tenderloin. She takes her steak with Ranch dressing. Personally, I wouldn't think to dip my Filet Mignon in Ranch, but honestly, it's not half bad.