Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'm not even going to pretend that I'm a grill master, because I'm SO not. I put stuff on the grill, when it's no longer raw, we eat it. Aside from the usual "grilled" flavor (which isn't much because I have a gas grill) the food isn't all that much better than if I'd cooked it in the house. 

With the exception of pork.

Why is it - for those of you who are into the whole grilling thing - that pork comes out a thousand times better when done on the grill? Is it that the oven is a dry heat and the grill is just plain 'ol fire, so it locks in the juices? I'm sure all meat comes out better, but with lean pork the difference is just amazing. This piece of pork roast was about 98% lean. As dry as dry gets. I fired up the grill, seared both sides (total time on the grill was about 50 min) then I pulled it off and just let it sit on the counter covered with foil to finish cooking. As you can see, it was super juicy and just DELISH!  I've roasted like this in the oven, and it is just not the same. Pork comes out like a piece of wood.   

Side dish~ Toasted Basmati rice. Toast the rice in a dry pan for a minute before cooking and it gives it a really nice depth of flavor. Don't let it get any darker than this though. If you let it go to far it will damage the grain and then the rice will have a different texture - almost like instant rice. Ew.