Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Is it just me -- or are the good tomatoes missing in your area too? We had that whole tomato fiasco a couple weeks back, so I know that is hurting the industry, but this time of year there is usually a large variety of local-grown heirlooms, but not in my neighborhood. Where are they?? 

Since making the decision to eat healthier during the week (meaning less red meat and fatty meats, such as PORK BUTT) I've started going to the fish and produce markets Monday to stock up for the week. 

My biggest challenge is to not overbuy. I love the fresh markets because the ingredients are so fantastic - farm fresh picked local produce ... varieties you don't see at the large grocery chains. And freshness that's obviously far superior as well.  It's worth the special trip to go a little out of the way.

Local citrus. Something not available in the large grocery stores either. 

Example, these large and very juicy limes - .89/lb.  I bought several pounds and just juiced them all to have the fresh juice on hand for margaritas! 

This little guy was actually from New Zealand. I shouldn't call him little though, he weighed 2.5 lbs! At 9.99/lb. the price wasn't bad for a very fresh, whole fish, but then at 2.5 lbs., that's a $27 Sea Bass! It was delicious though. And plenty for our family of 3 to stuff ourselves to the gills and still have leftovers.