Monday, January 28, 2008


My local market always has eggs on sale. I have no idea why. Buy one, get one free. At first I thought they must be junk eggs or something, but actually they're not. They're fine. So... how can you buy a carton of eggs, and not take the free carton? You don't, you take both cartons. Now you have way too many eggs. Ugh. And I can't be making pound cake and hollandaise all the time... we'd be fat as cows. So, I usually end up throwing half the eggs away. Yes, I toss out the free eggs. Not always, but a lot. And it kills me -KILLS ME I tell you- to throw out yolks. You know, for things like egg white omelets. And I'm not a dessert person, so making egg-white desserts like Angel Food cake is just not "me." If the eggs expire, then so be it. They get tossed. But sending a perfectly healthy yolk down the drain... just can't do it.

So anyway, looking at the twelve thousand eggs in my garage fridge on Sunday, I realized I need to make something quick or they'd be tossed. How about egg salad? Theo loves egg salad. I'll have him go to the French bakery, C'est Si Bon, and get a fresh baguette, and then we'll have a killer egg salad sandwich for brunch.

When I make egg salad, I like to mash the eggs, rather than cut them. It makes it creamier and richer. Toss with a couple good glugs of Best Food Light Mayo (it's almost identical in flavor to the full fat BF and it's much better for you) and a fair amount of salt & pepper. Yum. But what else could I do though to make this special? It is Sunday after all. Ooooo I know! How about truffle oil! Truffles and eggs are a perfect match. And how about some crispy bacon.

Oh yeah. It was good. Very good.