Friday, April 8, 2011

I planted something!

Tomatoes. Yummy, sweet, summer tomatoes - fresh off the vine! Oh boy, I can hardly wait! The last 2 years I've been really disappointed with the Farmer's Market tomatoes, so I'm taking matters into my own hands. Even if it means cutting a hole in my very expensive lawn because that's where the sunniest spot is.

Friday night, after work... we're driving home and did an impromptu detour - to Lowe's Home & Garden Center. I had had the tomatoes on my mind for a few weeks now, so I just decided to bit the bullet and do it. While walking around looking for stuff we didn't need, we spotted these cute little kid's gardening sets, and since they had a Disney Princess design... well, we of course had to get it! Then, something to plant of course, so we got Charlotte some sunflowers. She was beyond excited. We came home and immediately went out back. I planted the tomatoes, and she planted her seeds. Wish us luck!

Update: July 15th. See below! They're doing good! We've eaten quite a few of these sweet tomatoes... and as you can see, more are coming :)
Next year I'm planting 3 times as many-- They're THAT good.