Sunday, October 7, 2012

Canned Pizza

Because sometimes, you just need some pizza! :)

I saw a commercial the other day for Grand's biscuits and they were saying that you could make pizza out of them. So, we tried it. And it wasn't half bad! 

Make tomato sauce by crushing canned tomatoes and straining the liquid off, or simply using tomato paste is fine too, season with oregano, garlic (if you want) and salt & pepper. 

Take biscuits out of the can and roll them out with a roller or flatten with hand. Drizzle oil around edges. Now, I baked them for about 10 min by themselves, just to firm the crust. Then took them out, topped with sauce, cheese and toppings then put back in the oven until they looked brown and done. Use broiler at the end for a minute if necessary. 

Say you don't have any mozzarella cheese. No problem. A mix of shredded cheddar and parmesan works good too. Or, goat cheese. Or, colby. For those who like a more adult pizza, sprinkle on some blue! 

And there you go. Canned pizza!