Saturday, February 2, 2008


'Tis the season for blood oranges. And they are really yummy. They grow them here in California now, so they're easier to get than they used to be. And if you've never had one, you should try them. They're richer than a regular orange, not as acidic, and have almost a floral essence to them.

I only had 3 oranges, but wanted to make something. There are always a ton of eggs, so how about a treat for my husband - a pound cake?

I juiced the oranges, strained the pulp, then reduced it a little with a few tablespoons of sugar. I used only 3, but you could easily have 3 times as many oranges to make a richer syrup, just reduce it down so you don't water down your cake batter.

Make your cake batter (pound cake is easy: cream 1/2 lb butter in mixer then slowly add 2C sugar. Add 6 whole eggs, one at a time. Add 1 Tbsp Vanilla. Finally, fold in 2C of sifted flour by hand. Grease your pan. Cook at 350 for 35-50 min depending on size of pan used).

I put a small amount of the blood orange syrup on the top and carefully swirled it around.

These single serving sized dishes were done in about 35 min.