Friday, January 25, 2008


Doesn't this look good!? When was the last time you had a tostada? For me it had been a long time - in fact, the last time I had a tostada was in Mexico a few years ago. So... it was time. So... I made one.

I tried to do things light though because tostadas are pretty scary on the calorie scale by the time you add all the stuff. I figured I could still make one that was somewhat healthy. I pureed white beans, shredded white meat chicken, used reduced fat cheese, finely shredded fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes and used a 100 calorie flour tortilla. On the surface it looks fine, but without that crunchy corn tortilla or even a crunchy fried flour tortilla - it just didn't "work." Everything else was great, but that damn tortilla ruined the whole thing. I used the low calorie tortilla and I baked mine, instead of frying it. It was not good. Sort of chewy, not crunchy. I ended up just scraping the toppings off and eating them with a fork which was more like eating bean dip than a tostada... so it still stands that the last tortilla I had was in Mexico a few years ago.