Sunday, January 13, 2008


Blue Coral at Fashion Island - Newport Beach, CA. We really like this place. They have really good food - not out of this world, but very good - and the service is just outstanding. The service is just about as good as it gets. Over the top friendly, and not at all intimidating. They treat you almost as if your famous, no matter who you are. That's just something you really don't see very often anymore.

We had a really great table, perfect to peer into the kitchen (which I really like).

Theo had the pork shank which was pretty much what one would expect, tender and flavorful...

I had the swordfish oscar. Very good, not overcooked. It was put together a little oddly (separate from the crab and hollandaise and the fish with it's own pan sauce) but trust me when I say the taste was not disappointing. Oh, and that's a little bit of their lobster mac & cheese you also see on the plate. Very mellow for a mac & cheese, it almost tasted as if the pasta was mixed with some thickened lobster bisque then they added a little cheese. It was good, I really enjoyed it. Definitely much lighter in texture than what we expected.

And dessert - An espresso trio. A creme, some cookies with massive amounts of chocolate chips, and gellato. :) Super sweet. A little too sweet for me, but Theo didn't have any trouble finishing it.