Sunday, January 27, 2008


We LOVE Kappo Honda Japanese restaurant in Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley. We have been eating there since we moved to HB in 2002. It's always busy, and the wait is usually 20-45 minutes on Fri & Sat nights. But now they take reservations! Last night we arrived at 7:50 for an 8pm rezzie and we walked right past the 50 people waiting outside, and into the cozy restaurant. We were immediately greeted by our favorite guy (they totally know us - we used to go almost every Fri night for years!) and he pointed to a beautiful booth across the room, empty in the otherwise packed room and waiting just for US! What a treat!

Oh, my camera battery died right out of the gate last night, so all we had was the iPhone - so these were the best pics I could get. I know they suck.

The selection here is just amazing. They have small plates of various grilled goodies, they have soups and rice and fried stuff and stewed stuff. They have normal stuff and odd stuff. Whether you like traditional safe items, like vegetable tempura, or want something a little more exotic, like squid guts, they got a little something for everyone.

Masumi Sake - The perfect balance, not too sweet, not too dry. Never gives you a headache.

Some Red Snapper and Spanish Mackerel sushi for Theo. He said it was the good stuff too...

Look at this salmon belly! This was the most decadent dish ever. Look at all that fat! No chewing necessary, it just melts in your mouth. It was to die for!

This fried sweet shrimp is the best. I always get it. Very lightly breaded, it is deep fried whole and you eat it shells and all.

Here is some stuff from the Yakitori menu; Squid, pork belly, some kind of beef, quail eggs and then asparagus and gobo wrapped in bacon (they like wrapping stuff in bacon. Hey, who doesn't?!)

Salmon and tuna poke...

And they even have salads!