Thursday, July 31, 2008


I love salmon. The fattier, the better!  

If you have a favorite fresh fish market near you, great, but not everyone does. Either that or they just don't care to make a special trip to a special store just to get a piece of fish. It's how things work in the real world.  Most people buy their meat and fish at their local grocery. And really, there is nothing wrong with it. The biggest issue I have with grocery store meats is the quality -- they are not always very tender, but with creative cooking, you can still make very good meals. 

Fish on the other hand, most of it is previously frozen and the shrimp is always freezer-burnt and fishy smelling and then the fish is usually just disgusting. The flesh will be separated and half the time it's all skinned and you just have no idea how old it is or where it came from. About the only thing I can buy at the grocery -- seafood wise -- is salmon. I buy the Atlantic salmon, as it is the fattiest and it holds up well to freezing (so if it's previously frozen you should still be OK, just make sure the flesh isn't separated or mushy looking) and the extra fat makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a moist piece of cooked fish. Lots of fat just under the skin also, so try to find pieces that are not skinned. All the fancy varieties, such as Sockeye, are just usually not an option for me. They are much leaner and tend to be much drier when cooked. Plus they are just so expensive. Which would be fine if I felt they were worth it, which I don't. Unless you can find one that is fresh caught and whole, they are usually always badly thawed and just like mush. Eww. 

So this pretty piece of fish is just a cheap cut I got at Von's. $8.99/lb., but it's known to go on sale for as little as $5.99/lb. And it's very good. And good for you. And so easy to cook! 

On a piece of foil I put the fish, a drizzle of olive oil and salt & pepper.  Wrap it up and toss it on the bbq or in the oven at 400 until it just starts to flake, with a teensy bit of pink still inside. Let it rest for 5 minutes off the heat and it'll be ready to go!  

Another way I like to do salmon is to just put it flesh side down into a fry pan with olive oil and cook on medium until there is a golden crispy crust, then flip to the skin side, cover the pan, and cook on low until cooked through. It's absolutely delicious!  

A squirt of lime or lemon, or saute some chopped garlic in a little butter, then add diced fresh tomatoes (or canned tomatoes) and some oregano and salt & pepper to taste -- this makes a GREAT fish condiment!  And how much healthier can you get!