Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I don't take the time to make pizza dough. It's just not my thing. Like baking. It's not my thing either. I cook, I don't bake. To me, making pizza dough and letting it rise, then kneading it then letting it rise again is all just WAY too much like making bread, which I don't do either. So, needles to say, if craving pizza, we just ordered it from down the street.  

That was until I saw this at Trader Joe's. Pizza dough.  Already to "go." Coooool.  

So, I was reading something recently from someone who used to work at a Pizzeria. They had a famous garlic sauce that everyone loved. He confessed that it was simply - Ranch dressing. 

Really? Wow. I've eaten it and I would not have picked up on that. 

So, I was craving pizza with garlic sauce after reading that and decided to get one of my frozen globs of Trader Joe's pizza dough out of the freezer. After the thaw, I put it on the counter with some flour, rolled it out, then put it on a lightly greased cooking sheet and into a 450 oven for around 5 min or so, just to give the crust a head start because I prefer it crispy. Then I took it out, slathered it with RANCH DRESSING (I like homemade ranch, not the stuff from a jar, but I guess any will work OK) then I put on some mozzarella cheese, some crumbled crispy bacon, some diced green bell pepper and some black olive. Then finished it with a  sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and back into the oven until brown.  

It was SO GOOD! 
Big pieces are for mommy, the little pieces are for baby. Doggie got what fell on the floor, which wasn't much.