Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our 6.5 lb. Maine Lobster

Boy-O-Boy! Saigon City grocery in Westminister, CA. had some GIGANTIC Maine Lobsters this weekend! I never bother to buy the tasteless lobsters you normally find, but Maine lobster is a whole other ball game. This 6.5 lb. lobster was one of the smallest ones they had. I estimated most were between 7-10 lbs. No joke. 

And this guy has been around for a while. How old do you think he is - 10 years old? 20? Look at his claws. Obviously one is much older than the other. And look at how worn down the old claw is - it's caveman looking! 

And the old claw was NOT easy to break. Tried the rubber hammer first, it was a no go. Broke out the metal hammer, but it still took a lot of work to break the hard shell. I could probably crack a skull before we cracked that claw! 

Thick shell!