Monday, October 13, 2008


This is a delicious, hearty, and super simple party food! I like ham, but like it even more after it's taken a roll around in a pan for a minute, getting all crispy and golden. These ham & cheese cigars are so fast to make, and they will be THE item that disappears fastest at the next party! 


Mozzerella cheese sticks
Thinly sliced deli style ham
Enough olive oil to generously coat your skillet

Depending on where you get your ham, the size of the slices will vary quite a bit. Basically, you'll need enough to wrap around the cheese stick, completely covering it, and providing 2 layers of ham evenly all the way around the cheese. 

The cheese must be cold, and keep refrigerated until you are ready to prepare it so that it doesn't melt too much in the pan. Ideally, the ham will get crispy and the cheese inside will stay relatively intact. 

Coat the inside of a skillet with olive oil -- When the pan is hot, put the cigars into the pan, seam side down, and cook on med-high turning frequently as they brown. When done, remove promptly and drain on paper towel. You can serve these warm, but I prefer them served cold because the cheese firms up and they are easier to eat and I think the texture is better. Also when cold you can cut into smaller pieces easily.

You can get creative with these, and cut thin slivers of pickle and wrap that inside with the cheese, or add pepperoni .. or hot peppers .. or ?