Monday, May 12, 2008


I don't know. What are you supposed to feed a baby?  Everyday at 11:00 I start rummaging through the fridge looking for something to feed my 1 yr old daughter. I don't have any corn dogs or chicken nuggets in the freezer.  No "pizza bites."  I just feed her what we would eat;  spinach & cheese omelette, multigrain/fortified pasta with browned butter, sliced turkey with provolone, grilled salmon, carnitas, grilled zucchini.  

Today I made potato pancakes with a parmesan crust, and I had some leftover duck breast, so I poached it (just warmed it up) in the water while I was cooking the potatoes. She loved it. Personally, I thought the potato pancakes were a little dry... but when cut up into tiny little pieces, they were actually better for some reason. The duck breast, simply shredded.

The dog loves meal times because she always gets the leftovers.  Call me lazy, but I just brush everything onto the floor and the dog makes it "disappear."  Don't judge me, every little bit helps because a 1 year old is a lot of work. 

For dessert, Longan berries. They're sort of like a Lychee. Really sweet. My mother-in-law (who is Asian) buys them. I don't particularly like them, way too sweet for me.  Who knows though, maybe these are just way over-ripe? She's always giving us fruit that will almost make you drunk it's so ripe. We're still not sure what that's all about. My best guess is because they grow their own fruit a lot of the time, so when it's picked, it's actually ripe, unlike grocery fruits.  So if it sits for a week after it was already super ripe to begin with- well, you know.