Monday, March 10, 2008


Marche' Moderne is a fantastic restaurant located above Tiffany & Co. in the world famous South Coast Plaza in Santa Ana.

Let me talk a minute about this dish - Riesling Pressure Cooked Choucroute Moderne. Short ribs, belly, ham hocks, sausage and pork cheeks - with sauerkraut and potatoes. It was the kind of thing I remember eating as a kid - my Mom has a German background so we ate this kind of thing often. Maybe it was because it was easy to make for busy moms?Just toss your meat of choice in the pot or pressure cooker and leave it. Add veggies at the end and serve. Well - a little more to it than that, but not much. 

Their version of this type of dish was AWESOME. Meat falling apart it was so tender, and a variety to keep things interesting, the potatoes and cabbage and that salty broth. This is my kind of food! Thank goodness Theo ordered it and not me, because I would have eaten the entire gigantic portion and then exploded. This may be a "French" restaurant, but their portions are not typical French portions. They're huge! I had steak frites - which includes a very large 8oz super-tender filet and that comes with a large salad and enough fries (the thin crispy kind too!) to feed a family of six!! I couldn't even eat half of this.

The interior is almost Swiss like - and I always feel like I'm sitting in some upscale restaurant at a ski lodge. Warm and small - and you can see right into the kitchen, as it's literally part of the room. 

Our appetizer - Charcuterie. How fun is this! And, it was delicious!