Sunday, February 3, 2008


We haven't been to DARYA Persian Restaurant in almost a year - but it's definitely on our "favorites" list - Their food is SO GOOD! We've been going there for years. Actually, we were referred to Darya by a Persian guy in Palm Springs of all places... he said they have the best Persian food in Southern California. And, I believe him. Not a stranger to Persian food, it's definitely the best I've ever been by a long shot. The best rice you've ever had.... extra extra long grain fluffy Basmati rice that seems to be flavored with drippings from the steaks - and the kababs are to die for! I get the juicy filet mignon (they have several varieties, my favorite is the Chelo Kebab Barg) and Theo gets the Koobideh (ground beef). Doesn't matter what you get though, it's all soo good!

This is our appetizer - don't be afraid of the green. Seriously. It is scrumptious! They take the Basmati rice and really crisp it up (called Tadig), then they pour a stew over it (we chose Ghormeh Sabzi) which is sauteed vegetables cooked with dried limes, veal, red kidney beans and special seasonings. HELLO LOVER!

My Chelo Kabab Barg

And The Koobideh

And they even had a Sinatraesque Persian band. Fly me to the moon....